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Build-Your-Own Three Pack of our delicious loose leaf Herbal Sip and Smoke Blends. Leave us a note at checkout with your choices. Choose from our Menu of ten sip and smoke blends to complete your very own bundle! 


Aphrodisiac: Explore pleasurable sensations with the good herb. A sensuous blend that feels good inside and out.  damiana, lavender, rose petals, peppermint, sage
Calming: Peaceful and delightful. Take a moment to enjoy this tranquil blend of soothing herbs and relaxing florals. Inhale and release. chamomile, lavender, damiana
Chakra ClearingBlocked you say? Inhale, with spirit, send it down, then exhale with clarity. damiana, rose petals, chamomile, mullein, lavender, mint, sage
Grounding: Take a breath and ground yourself before stepping into the flow again. damiana, lavender, uva ursi, sage, and clove
Lucid Dreaming: Get to the source. Prepare to delve into your deepest state with this intoxicating hybrid. damiana, lavender, chamomile, mugwort
Lung Clearing: Clear out the excess with full, clean breaths.  A delicious blend from mama's garden. damiana, lavender, chamomile, oregano
Mystic Madagascar: Teleport to an island paradise with this magical, perfectly sippable technicolored blend. blue pea flower, dried limes, lemon balm
Night Night: Ready for a night cap? Not the old fashioned we know and love. This is a different kind of buzz. lavender, chamomile, mullein, mugwort
Period Party: Celebrate your moon cycle with a pain relieving, wrap around you support blend.  damiana, lavender, mullein, hibiscus, rose petals, uva-ursi, passion flower, raspberry leaf, blue pea flower, cramp bark, daga, sweet cinnamon, sage
Quit Smoking: This complex blend doesn't pretend to have nicotine because it knows it's more satisfying than tobacco.  Damiana, mullein, lavender, butterfly pea flower, marshmallow, hibiscus, rose petals, uva ursi, blue lotus, sage, daga, vache, clove, cinnamon, guduchi
Sugar n Spice: Warm with the perfect amount of sweetness and the right amount of spice. damiana, mullein, lavender, rose petals, hibiscus, chamomile, mint, clove, and cardamom


Packaged with love in high quality reusable, airtight glass jars - 4 oz vol.

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