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Amore FKA Aphrodisiac

Amore FKA Aphrodisiac

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Explore pleasurable sensations with the good herb. A sensuous blend that feels good inside and out.

"From heady to embodied"

Sip and Smoke Blend features:

- Sensual
- Smooth, spicy taste
- Good for dropping into into the present moment


all herbal ingredients:

damiana, lavender, peppermint, rose petals, white sage

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Araceli Rios

Amore FKA Aphrodisiac

Lee-West Taylor
I rediscovered my sacred sensuality

I came across Goddess Breath Blends from watching an IG live video of a different channel I follow. I’ve been a cannabis smoker for just a couple years and recently discovered that there were other herbs out there and discovered goddess breath blends. I initially ordered this thinking it was a sampler of all of the different blends. This was a happy accident for me. Since I hadn’t experienced pairing other herbs with cannabis this was refreshing. There’s a reason this is called aphrodisiac :) It’s smells so good .. and paired with cannabis tastes sweet. Kind of cinnamon-y! It’s just something I’ve not experienced before. All I can say is 10/10 and I will be buying again. Not only that, but you the hand written thank you just made me feel appreciated. Thank you!

Macee Diekhoff

This is exactly what I was looking for & these herbs exceeded every expectation I had! They smell absolutely amazing & the multitude of uses are outstanding!! Thank you goddess breath blends ❤️

Loving this is easy

So this was my first time really taking in the beauty that is herbal blends. I drink tea but not as often as I know I should because I can’t seem to find the right one I’m truly committed to. As an avid weed smoker however, I was pleased at how calming the preroll of Aphrodisiac actually felt! I would highly recommend this blend or any other for that matter to people who want to experience an intro to what a beautiful, natural, and calming sensation can feel like. I am also very excited to try it with my weed next!

relishing in my sacred feminine energy

This is my favorite blend so far. I find that it’s smooth and I think my favorite flavor in this is the sage. I just feel sexy when I add this in with my cannabis and dance to some music. For me, sometimes (self) intimacy can feel like “why bother” but i find that this blend relaxes me so that my mind and body is open to receiving pleasure (being a sexual assault survivor has contributed to me being physically desensitized). This is part of my routine now! I do want to say that I combine this with meditation and gratitude which has overall improved my spirit which could be a contributing factor to being able to receive pleasure. But just the experience of smoking this blend is pleasure enough on its own!