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Ground yourself before stepping into the flow again.

"From airy to earthy"

Sip and Smoke Blend features:

- Earthly
- Warming like a wool sweater
- Great to get your feet back on the ground


all herbal ingredients:

uva ursi, damiana, lavender, clove, and white sage

Customer Reviews

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Brittany Riopelle
Smoothest herbs!

I love goddess breath blends. I usually always get grounding and switch off with the blends. The herbs are balanced and blended together really nicely. They feel fresh and smooth. Definitely the best quality I’ve had

Perfect blend to get the day started

We met Mikaela and Sasha at a local vegan market and got this Grounding blend as part of a three pack. Out of the three this was definitely my favorite! The clove gives welcomed soothing notes on the tongue and overall the earthy blend really provides grounding and energy to start my day. My partner and I have tea on most mornings and I made this for him one day when he woke up not feeling so well. I set the intention of providing that grounding as I was making the tea and he later told me that it really helped and that he enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this blend.