Lucid Dreaming

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Slow down the outer world and dive into contemplation with this lucid dreaming herbal blend.

"From out of touch to omniscient"

Sip and Smoke Blend features:

- Ethereal
- Earthy taste
- Great for dream recall and magic work


all herbal ingredients:

damiana, lavender, chamomile, mugwort

Customer Reviews

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Darla W.
5 stars

Very smooth if smoked, packaged well. Love the clean ingredients, and the reusable jar! I'm thankful my product is coming from a caring company. They put love in every little detail, and it shows! Thank you! Look forward to ordering more.

Imani Todd
Amazing Dreams

This blend has been so soothing and calming for me. I mix it with my ganja and roll a blunt or a joint and it always gives me a blissful high before bed. And YA’LL my dreams during this week were intense in a great way, it’s really about appreciating the herbs you have and them being given with love. Mikaela definitely makes these herbal blends with love. So I definitely lucid dreamed for the first time while smoking these herbs, and it was amazing. 12/10 recommend I will definitely be purchasing again!

Journey to Dreams

I’m not sure if I put too much cannabis or if this blend really enhanced my high. I actually was too high but it could have been my ratio being off lol. I feel in a deep and peaceful sleep. The next day I smoked this blend on it’s own and I also find that it’s smooth and tastes calming (lavender). I like using this blend when I journal or write bed time poetry to me, it sets up the (dream) stage in my mind before I sleep. Later in the evening, i decided to have this as tea, and i really love it as a night time tea. I remember having a dream but i do not remember the dream. I do remember my roommate making noise and it was somehow incorporated into my dream lol. I am looking forward to using this blend more regularly as I feel like i haven’t dreamed in months. And the last dream I remember was a nightmare. I just want to enjoy the gift of dreaming more. You can feel so in-awe and amazed and inspired. I especially miss dreaming about my travels and revisiting some of the most gorgeous beaches, coral reef life, forests and natural pools of waters….