Night Night

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Ready for a night cap? Not the old fashioned we know and love. This is a different kind of buzz.

"From strung out to restful"

Sip and Smoke Blend Features:

- Dreamy
- Tastes like starlight
- Good for those with busy minds who require encouragement for sleeping


all herbal ingredients:

lavender, chamomile, mullein, mugwort

Customer Reviews

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Jen Larios
Great Night

Tried Night Night for the first time and slept through the whole night! Did not wake up groggy at all. Found a new customer in me 💓


Very fast and very good quality!!

Rachel S.
absolutely phenomenal.

Let me just start by saying, I have a stressful job and by the time it’s time for me to lay down and go to bed I’m still wired from work and the voice in my head and my brain will not stop. I’ll lay awake for hours. Toss and turn, wake up three times at night from nightmares or no apparent reason. I came across this product on my explore page on Instagram and it was a few weeks before I decided to order and there’s no turning back now. I tried the “night time” smokable preroll last night and I slept like a baby. It was like taking melatonin without taking melatonin. A slow and relaxed tiredness. Once I laid down in my bed I fell asleep so fast and slept like a baby. Not a “high” or weird feeling, just relaxed and sleepy. I didn’t wake up once last night, no nightmares, and woke up feeling extra refreshed. I will forever recommend this specific product and can’t wait to try them all :) xoxo.