Period Party

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Celebrate your moon cycle with a pain relieving, wrap around you support blend.

"From achey to comfortable"

Sip and Smoke Blend Features:

- Soothing, warm and rougey
- Feels like a hug from the universal mother
- Good for relieving pain, emotionality, stress and anxiety


all herbal ingredients:

Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Blue Pea Flower, Daga, Uva-Ursi, Passion Flower, Mullein, Damiana, Lavender, Sweet Cinnamon, White Sage

Customer Reviews

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Trinity F.

This product is amazing!!! I have the smokeable blend and it works great for pain relief. I have had out of this world period cramps since starting my period at 13. I’m talking about vomiting, doubled over, missing school/work. Recently found out that I suffer from a chronic condition that makes your periods HELL. I’ve tried a lot of things so I was skeptical…I’m not a smoker, but I wanted to try this and I feel like the deep breaths along with this magical blend took my pain from a 100 down to 3!!! I cannot wait to try the tea blend as well, it smells amazing.

Customer service is an A++, shipping was quick. Initially there was a small error in my order and she was quick to resolve it and actually sent an extra goodie. Do yourself a favor, and add this to your self care routine.


I love this blend so much! It's light and gentle, but has so many exciting flavors. The aroma experience is just lovely. Sometimes I just open the jar and inhale a big breath and it feels like a hug. When I put it as a smokable, it's an experience, like an intricate desert. Thank you for this blend!