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✨ We are thrilled to share some incredible news with all of you! ✨

The Ancestor Project (TAP) and Goddess Breath Blends (GBB) have joined forces through a revolutionary merger!

🌱The Ancestor Project, a leading platform for ancestral research and connection, has been at the forefront of preserving and honoring our rich heritage. Their dedication to uncovering our shared history and fostering cultural understanding through sacred earth medicines and collective liberation has been awe-inspiring. Explore their remarkable work at The Ancestor Project's website: www.theancestorproject.com

🌱 Goddess Breath Blends, has captivated your senses with our exquisite aromatic blends, promoting holistic well-being and spiritual growth. Their commitment to crafting high-quality, ethically sourced products has made us a trusted name in the wellness industry. Continue to discover our transformative offerings though out our site.

🌱The union of our two powerhouses signifies a dynamic fusion of ancestral exploration and spiritual awakening through sacred plants. We are also delighted to introduce the new entity born from the collaboration of these two extraordinary brands, the CEO of GBB Mahogany Wright, whose vision is to provide a holistic experience that celebrates our past, nourishes our present, and empowers our future. As we head towards new horizons, we are eager for her leadership and guidance!

🌱Please join us in welcoming Mahagony, the driving force behind Goddess Breath Blends. Mahagony is destined to create a great impact in this industry with her expertise and passion for wellness.

🌱Follow us on this remarkable journey as we continue to explore the realms of ancestral wisdom, spiritual connection, and holistic well-being.

🌱 In Celebration of Summer Solstice June 21st we are gifting you with a BoGo50% off sale. Please use BoGo50 at your checkout for this awesome discount.

🌱We look forward to relaxing, releasing, allowing, and accepting a deeper connection with us, yourself, and these sacred herbal allies as we continue on this journey of collective liberation.

Inhaling Divinity & Exhaling Love,

The Goddess Breath Blends & The Ancestor Project Family

what's our favorite plant smoke?

plants to smoke


: benefits when drank :

Damiana may help with nervous disorders and stress

It may enhance energy and help with fatigue.

It may cure stomach ulcers since it possesses anti-ulcer and antioxidant properties.

It may support weight loss by acting as a mild laxative.

It may help to also suppress appetite thus slowing the gastric emptying.

Damiana may help with bladder infections

It may support digestion by assisting in the process of breakdown of sugars and fats in the digestive system. 

It may help with constipation and indigestion.  

(notes by Meo Marley's)

red rose petal

: benefits when drank :

The rose hip is a great source of Vitamin C, even after the petals have been cut and dried. They help with skin ageing, great to give your skin a nice boost! 

May help with a sore throat: Rose tea is not only great to relax you, it can also relieve a sore throat due its antioxidants.

May help you relax: The rich and lovely smell of rose is a great way to sit down and smell it and relax as you have a nice self-care moment.

May boost a sluggish liver: Rose petals could help you cleanse your liver due to its antioxidant properties.   

May help with acne: Why do many beauty products contain rose petals? Because it is also antibacterial! It helps with inflamed and blemished skin, thus reducing redness and puffiness. 

(notes by Meo Marley's)


: benefits when drank :

May help decrease symptoms of anxiety, boost the immune system, improve sleep, treat headaches, and speed up wound healing.

Lavender aromatherapy in the post-anesthesia care unit reduced the need for morphine.

Linalool, the active constituent in lavender inhibited inflammation in rats and had anti-anxiety properties.

Inhaling lavender oil helped reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol by up to 60%.

(notes by Moose Labs)

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