Clearing Lungs with a Mother’s Love

A signature flavor that comes with extra love!

Not only do we pick out the stems from the damiana, linger over the lavender, and grind the chamomile by hand in our sacred granite mortar and pestle… Our secret ingredient is grown in Mikaela’s mother’s garden which was a sapling that came from the mother-plant grown by her grandmother. Our mother source of our organic oregano is three generations old.


 We use oregano not just for its flavor and versatility in dishes, but for the health benefits of the plant. Oregano is an ancient herb known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, and has been used as a cure-all for centuries. It is often taken as a spicy oil, in capsule form, or as a dried herb sprinkled over delicious dishes. A staple in Greek, Italian and Mexican cuisine, grown in gardens across the globe, and revered for its prowess in many cultures.

Learn more about the benefits of oregano oil here.

Accompanying Mother Oregano on the journey to soothe your lungs, whether you drink it or smoke it, are damiana as the sturdy base to the blend, with notes of calm from chamomile, and melodiously holding it all together is one of our favorite flexibly faceted glue - lavender.

When Oregano Can Best Serve You

The personality of this blend is nurturing.

At the hint of a cold, DRINK this blend for a healthy immune boost or if you’re feeling any tightness in the chest or stuffiness of the nose. If you are already a smoker, combining this blend with what you normally smoke can help take a harsher tone to a tender one; potentially clearing your lungs of build up.

At first, we were second guessing ourselves, thinking

“maybe it could be better...It's so simple.”

We tried adding mint to this blend, but that just made it harsh. We thought about substituting mullein which is a known remedy for throat and lung issues… but the purity and perfection of our original recipe couldn't be beat.

And our favorite festival game is to tell our new customers three out of four ingredients (damiana, chamomile and lavender) and then have them guess the secret savory scent. They often say, “that smells so familiar” or “that reminds me of my mother’s cooking” or “I know that pungent flavor… what is that?”

Feel that magic of mother as this blend enters your system, soothes your soul, and detoxifies and delights your breathers!

*This blend is not intended to treat or cure asthma, and if you do have any lung condition we highly recommend activating this homeopathic blend with water rather than fire by brewing a tea.


If you're looking for a smooth and nurturing smoke, try Lung Clearing to experience Momma's love.

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