A Mystical Life with Plants

Have you watched tea transform?

Mystic Madagascar can easily be one of our favorite sun teas for its detoxifying benefits, beautiful color, and delightful healing properties. Beginning as an alkaline indigo, the natural pigment of butterfly blue pea flower transforms into a radiant fuchsia when combined with the acidity of dried citrus. Inspired by singer and songwriter Lizzy Jeff and her summer time event, Mystic Madagascar, this blend will remind you of the true primal and sensual power behind these mystical plants.

A detoxifying digestive and delightful mood booster

There are three perfect ingredients you’ll want to know more about: 

Persian Dried Limes, also known as black lime or limu Omani, were first found in Southern Iran and Iraq with other varieties of the fruit developing in U.S., particularly in Florida. They get the name "black lime" for their time spent in the sun after being boiled in water. Over time, they lose their water content and are then dried out giving them a hard texture. They can be cooked whole, sliced, or ground into a spice used in Middle Eastern dishes, such as Ghormeh Sabzi or as a tea to aid indigestion, immune support, and heart health. Here is a list of more health benefits of black lime

    Butterfly or Blue Pea Flower derives from the Clitoria ternatea plant. Clitoria ternatea was believed to resemble female human genitals, hence the name “Clitoria”

    from “Clitoris”. Originating in Southeast Asia, Blue Pea Flower has been used as a natural dye and consumed as a tea in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, and Malaysia. It is a non-toxic adaptogenic herb that can regulate stress, boost brain function, and reduce anxiety.

    Here is a list of more health benefits of Blue Pea Flower.  

    Lemon Balm, also known as, Melissa officinalis, is native to the Mediterranean, Northern Africa, Asia, and Europe. The etymology of its name is from the Greek word “Melissa” for “honey bee” because bees are attractive to it's lovely scent. Lemon balm can be used as a salve, a tonic, or as an addition to a pollinator garden for bees! Sixteenth Century gardeners new how attracted bees were to the plant and found ways to attract more bees using its leaves. It can also treat diabetes, HSV or Herpes, aids cognitive functioning, and can help reduce inflammation of the body.  Here is a list of more health benefits of lemon balm

    Experience the Magic 

    Share joyful experiences with your friends this summer. We hope you will choose this blend to wow your guests at your next gathering. Wow them with history and benefits of these beautiful plants as they watch the colors transform right before their eyes! Raising their vibrations with every sip, and enjoy the blissful connections  emanating from the inside out. 


    Create a mystical life with plants.  Reach for Mystic Madagascar.

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