Calling More Love Into Your Life, With Plants

The Beauty of Feeling Good

This is our feel-good-in-your-skin blend and our homage to the lineage of love goddesses! The Goddess of 10,000 names, who appears in every culture throughout time and space deserves her very own blend as she is the inspiration behind our whole business - Goddess Breath Blends

Whether you are inhaling herbs, sniffing the aroma from a teacup, burning them in a rollie or as incense, these natural perfumes are the breath of the Goddess breathing reciprocity with us, her children. As we exhale carbon dioxide, the trees and plants inhale it, and they exhale oxygen which is literally the air we breathe and our life force. 

We honor the Goddess as the life force energy within us all, the portal for our souls to come through in this lifetime. And we choose this word, Aphrodisiac, as the word in our time and space, to represent the feeling of being taken over by love.



Where Does Aphrodisiac Come From?

When our culture thinks of the word Aphrodisiac, we tend to look at foods that increase our libido, when there are so many herbs and practices that can actually increase our sex drive naturally. If you'd like to learn more about the specific foods, vitamins, and minerals that are considered to be aphrodisiacs, you can check out this article.

The etymology of the word Aphrodisiac comes from the name of the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite herself, and within the name, we honor the goddess as she appears inside each one of us in our desire to love and be loved in our human existence. What do people want most of all in the world? In simple, yet encompassing terms, I assert it is to FEEL GOOD! Yes we need water, food, sunlight, and shelter to survive, and yet to thrive, we crave a sense of belonging.

We are a communal culture, social creatures after all, and in order to grow we require sun and water, to belong we require love and acceptance. So if you’re partaking in this magical and delicious blend solo, we invite you to love and accept yourself, seek and discover that GOOD FEELING in yourself, and give to yourself what you need.  
If being shared in partnership or a group, seek and find love, connection, bonding, and belonging. Bring curiosity and a sense of possibility to every interaction with a love goddess, then be grateful and surprised to see what she provides you. This blend is perfect before you are intending to get physical - dancing, yoga, movement, or getting physical with a partner to send you swimming into sensuality.

Aphrodisiac Herbs to Call More Love Into Your Life

Damiana, a natural, well-known, and long-used aphrodisiac grounds us in our bodies, calling us home to our root chakra providing a sense of stability. And awakening our second chakra in the pelvic bowl, enlivening our creativity, flow and spark of life.

Pink rose petals, Aphorodites favorite flower, connects the sensual creativity of the second chakra to our 4th chakra opening our hearts to giving and receiving love… and passing through the solar plexus chakra, the source of our will, along the way; putting us in touch with our desires and our power of giving consent.

Mint joins the heart to the throat chakra allowing us to voice out loud what’s in our hearts and express our true desires.

Lavender soothes the soul, calms the fear, anxiety, and expectation bringing presence and peace to the system, calling in the guidance of the third eye intuition.

And Sage, mother nature’s soap, as the indigenous people refer to it, clears the pathway to a beautiful, heartfelt, love connection whether with self or other… and ideally, with self AND other(s).

Aphrodite is a powerful goddess, present with all who call upon her. You can recognize her entrance by the chills, vibration, and tingly hug which accompanies her.

Connecting With the Love Goddess

To connect with her, or any love goddess for that matter, go to the water. Take a bath, swim in the ocean, hold your breath underwater in a pool and open your eyes. Drink purified alkaline water. Spritz yourself with rose water. Stare into the bottom of your teacup before taking your last sip. (Get to know a little more about the goddess Aphrodite here)

Offer water to her on your altar. Build an altar for her with shells, pearls, flowers, and honey. Honor the bees.

Play a frame drum. Hum. Find her rhythm and feel into her vibration. Let her take over your lovelife and guide you. Ask her questions and listen closely for her unexpected replies. And be forewarned… She is a powerful giver. She will help you receive it. So be careful what you wish for...

Open your heart to the love goddess and love will find you!

Enjoy this sensual blend with passion and purity in your heart. You are the love goddess. You are sacred and so is the temple of your body. Treat yourself with respect and you honor her.


Are you excited to call Love into your life?

Try our Aphrodisiac Blend and be ready to receive. 


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