October Seed Bloom -- Hunter Moon, Mercury Retrograde October 2021, Scorpio Season and Herbal Allies

The Astrological Fingerprint of the October 2021

At the end of September, Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Libra and soon after that we were graced with a Libra new moon. We’ve just transitioned through the autumnal equinox and we will stay in Libra until October 22nd.

Mercury is now direct with a shadow period lasting until November 2nd.  Mercury retrogrades are quarterly energetic pauses for the collective. This nation highly favors productivity, efficiency, and innovation. However, overconsumption is quickly depleting our planet's resources and our own energy and it is our responsibility to recognize the value of our attention as well as what and who we are consistently giving it to. 

Any civilization that relies on technology to process information suffers when technology doesn’t do its job or functions the way we expect it to.  To solve the problem, we may have to use more energy or we are faced with the discomfort of not knowing how to respond or what to do.  Retrogrades show us this lesson time and time again.  They are a period of reflection, rest and review and we assure you, there is nothing to fear. 

Collectively, we are meant to slow down during these times because our constant output of energy throughout the year will lead us to burnout if we do not take a pause.  Retrogrades are a time where we tap into ourselves, pay attention, and re-evaluate our perspectives.  The collective imagination is shifting because we’ve asked it to shift, it is recalibrating and eliminating people, obstacles, and situations that need to go so that all of us can wake up. Retrogrades are a blessing in disguise.   

Understanding Mercury Retrograde in Libra 

Who is Mercury and what is Retrograde? 

Mercury is a planet that represents the energy of intellect, communication, technology, and commerce. In Greek mythology, Mercury is the trusted emissary and messenger of the gods, also known as Hermes, son of Zeus. He was faster than all of the Olympians.  He was cunning, intelligent, and at the forefront of important exchanges between the heavens, the terrestrial realm and transitions into the underworld.  Mercury energy is direct and moves quickly similar to the element of air, a masculine energy representing the realm of ideas, logic and science. 

How Does the Sign of Libra Play into the Mercury in Retrograde?

Libra is a cardinal air sign that symbolizes harmony, balance, and relationships. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, also known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, and also sister to Hermes.  We have masculine and feminine energies in communication about the state of our relationships -- those intimate, professional, familial and personal.  Mercury retrograde in Libra is challenging us to actually dig into our attachment styles and reflect on our relationship dynamics, asking us what is working and what is not working? 

Retrogrades are Seasonal

Retrograde phases happen three to four times a year, which is an appropriate amount of time for mental and energetic clutter to build up in our systems.  It is in our best interest to do this work once in a while so that we don’t get stuck in loops or patterns of behavior that may be jamming us up internally and blocking our flow. Currently, we have the opportunity to reflect, accept and purge. So don’t fret about the traffic jams, broken pieces of technology or miscommunications.  

How we respond to those things will also cycle back so breathe deep and take it slow. 

What is a Hunter's Moon?

About Aries Energy

This month's full moon in Aries is a Hunter's Moon, according to the Farmer's Almanac.  A hunter's moon signifies the time to hunt and prepare for the coming winter season. Remember, cardinal energy is a self starting energy, it initiates movement and is creative. We can harness this cardinal force by going after what is vital for our nourishment. The nature of Aries energy derives from the headstrong ram, a stubborn and willful creature that breaks down obstacles with their horns. The ram is an embodiment of pure will. When Aries is confident, it is bold and unstoppable, while also very caring. But the shadowy aspect of Aries can be prideful, impulsive, and self-centered. According to Greek mythology, Aries is associated with the planet Mars, the warrior planet ruled by the masculine force. He is the god of war or spirit of battle, which also comprises the not so glorious aspects of war, such as carnage + death. Hades is another comrade of Aries because when the god of war appears there are casualties, and those souls get sent to the underworld. In addition, the union of Aphrodite + Aries represents the reconciliation of opposites. Here we have two fully embodied masculine and feminine energies that birthed three children: Harmonia (Harmony), Deimos (Fear), and Phobos (Panic). Harmony, Libra’s illuminated essence!  

Now we must ask ourselves, what aspects of our shadow have come to light under this retrograde phase? What are we ready to face head on and potentially transmute, release, and harmonize?




Balancing the Libra - Aries Axis with Aphrodisiac Herbs

During this full moon period we are the hunter reflecting on what the retrograde has illuminated about our intentions created under the previous New/Dark moon in Libra. What changes will bring us and the collective back into harmonious relationship?

New moon phases are important phases for understanding our shadows. For instance, the shadow aspect of Libra can be incredibly indecisive with a codependent energy that places other people’s needs before themselves, which can leave them in the dark about their own true nature.  Move slowly as your shadow is illuminated under this full moon. Turn that fiery love + passion toward yourself and fill your own cup with our very own Aphrodisiac, do what feels good to you in a way that honors your body and your energy, instead of rushing to get needs met. Utilize this Aries full moon to break through calcified patterns of behavior around consumption, relationships, and beliefs about the story you have been telling yourself. 

Mercury retrograde in Libra asked us to re-evaluate our relationships, our perception, and re-assess the disharmony within ourselves and the systems we rely on. And now, it is time to take out the trash. Mercury went direct on the 18th and even though we are still transitioning through a shadow period, things will be clearing up as Libra season ends and Scorpio season begins on October 22nd. 

Regenerating Our Own Systems

Look into your own systems, practices, and relationships to understand what is no longer sustainable. If something that we trusted for so long is no longer functioning in the way it was meant to, then it requires attention. And if it doesn’t go our way it’s because we are either being reminded or we’re being redirected. Keep in mind, we cannot control the lessons we are taught nor can we control how other people respond to us when we choose ourselves. However, there is always room for direct communication, compassion, and compromise. We can learn to manage our time, our energy, and prepare for unexpected situations while also taking care of ourselves.

Write things down, save important pieces of information, check in with your body and listen to what your gut is telling you. 

Writing Prompts + Reflections

All of us are experiencing some form of karma from our previous choices and it’s not so much about the doom and gloom of our past, but merely a conscious reflection of what it’s like to be on the other side of what we’ve chosen for ourselves. Maybe we ended up feeling or experiencing something we thought we were done with and didn’t have to go through again, but here we are! Or maybe we’re feeling so stuck and it’s frustrating because nothing is going as planned. That’s okay, maybe it’s time we re-evaluate what we’ve imagined, created or habituated because new energy is coming through and we’re going to need to let go and make way for a new outlook. 

Nourish yourself, communicate your needs even when it gets difficult, and remember to honor your boundaries. When we choose to have difficult conversations, we are breaking through fear and practicing vulnerability. When we choose to listen to our shadows and not suppress them, we are acknowledging our wholeness while also accepting others’. 

When we take responsibility for ourselves fully, we will then be able to provide love and care to the areas in our lives that deserve to be tended to; like your own personal garden. When we wake up in the morning, we may still feel the remnants of yesterday, but remember that in the morning when we wake up, we are gifted with an opportunity to create our tomorrow, and the tomorrows thereafter. 

Journal Prompts for this Astrological Portal

  • What happens to your body when you experience a stressful situation? 
  • How do you speak to yourself when you experience disappointment?
  • What does accountability mean to you? Are you accountable? Are the people you are close to accountable?
  • Are you aware of your attachment styles?  How are you attaching?
  • What do you love about the relationships you currently have?
  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you experience conflict? 
  • How would you describe healthy boundaries in a relationship? 
  • How is your relationship to your inner critic, your shadow, and your ego?


Get Informed about Food Sovereignty

This past year we received a very strong lesson about the fragility of the current capitalist superstructure. U.S. institutions and systems of production are not operating sustainably, this may not be new news to many, but it’s vital that we understand that at the core of this illumination we’ve been duped, manipulated, and cheated out of receiving the true nourishment we deserve from the soil and from each other.

The current food system as it stands thrives off of us being dependent on mass scale agriculture, demanding produce to be available year round, and not to mention the reliance on grocery stores to provide food that has actually been sitting to waste.  In fact, a ⅓ of our food production in the United States is actually going to waste because of losses on the farm and market based quality. In addition, our reliance on grocery stores creates a dependency for access to food that is out of season while also depleting support of local community farms that practice seasonal agriculture. 


We recently went live with Santosha Nutrition to discuss food sovereignty + regenerative local agriculture. If you didn’t get a chance to watch, click here to watch the full IGTV. 

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