We Align so We Can Thrive

The Keys to Chakra Balancing

This chakra-stacking herbal blend moves from your mouth to your feet, then right back up again; clearing and aligning your chakras, balancing your energy, and centering your system as it travels through the energetic vortices of your body.  This blend is built to reflect your inner being. It’s powerful, yet perfectly zen-tastic.


Getting in alignment is about opening up the possibility for more harmony, plants and practices like the breath can help. 

Understanding the Chakra System

Chakras are powerful and subtle centers of energy that correspond to specific organs of the endocrine system. They can be found along the spinal cord beginning from our tail bones and ending at our pituitary gland. Each organ plays a vital role in cleansing our body of toxins, the release and secretion of chemicals, and the development of our self-esteem, creative power, intuition, and expression of our voice. Learn more about the genesis of our chakra system here


7 Herbs for 7 Chakras

Each herb in our blend was carefully chosen to activate a specific chakra with the intention to clear and balance our system from the bottom up.

  • Damiana grounds through your root chakra connecting you to pachamama. Muladhara is
    about your base… meeting your foundational needs, money, and stability. It is associated with the color Red.
  • Rose Petals caress your second chakra connecting you to your sensual self. Svadhisthana is all about creativity…whether you're gestating a baby or cultivating a project, get in touch with your pelvic bowl. Associated with the color Orange.
  • Chamomile activates the solar plexus charging your will power. Manupura has to do with what you want, following your own desires, and making things happen. Associated with the color Yellow.
  • Mint opens your heart, softening the hardness and healing fragmentations and cracks from old wounds, soothes heartache and mends heartbreak. Anahata is your love chakra…love for yourself, love for others, and love for the world around you. Associated with the color Green.
  • Mullein lubricates the throat so speaking your truth comes naturally and easily. Vishuda is your connection to communication. Speaking is spelling. Words become things. Dreams are manifested through the sharing of them. Associated with the color Turquoise or Blue.
  • Lavender brightens sight and intuition of the third eye located just above your nose in the center of the forehead between the eyes. Ajna houses your ability to see the beyond, the space between, the invisible energies that emanate from everything. Associated with the color Indigo.
  • Sage cleanses and clears your connection to Creator. Sahasrara is how you tap into Source, recharge your own vibes, and tether yourself to the Universal Oneness. Associated with the color Purple.

Learn to Breathe

Maintaining balance within our minds and our bodies can be difficult when we are experiencing anxiety and overwhelm throughout our day. We have the tools within us to create balance without having to rely on the assistance of other substances. Our breath is an essential component for balancing and clearing our chakras. As we inhale with the intention of cleansing, balancing, and releasing toxicity held within our bodies, we are able to synchronize our system through Pranayama, a practice of controlling our breath to bring our central nervous system back to balance. Here you can find controlled breathing techniques to practice during your next meditation.

Chakras can fall out of alignment when we are not truly honoring and nurturing ourselves. We can come back into alignment with our breath, proper rest, hydration, and connection with our loves. Align with your body's energy if you are looking to manifest magic, miracles, and your magnificent dreams

Tune in. Turn on. Tap in.

If you are looking for centering and balance try our Chakra Clearing Loose Leaf Blend

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