Grounding Into Fall Vibes

If you live in the southwest, you don’t see the season change very drastically, as in, maybe leaves are changing at a slower pace or maybe the weather is still hot and dry (thanks santa anas!) or you’re still looking forward to visiting the beach for a sunset viewing session.

Whether you really notice it or not, autumn is and will be here for at least another month.  So in case you missed it, here are 4 things you can do to usher in and ground in the autumnal vibration.


Prepare seasonal produce

This is good for two reasons A. Small farmers are the backbone of our nutrition, and they deserve as much love and support as humanly possible, and B. When you shop local, you are eating the freshest, most recently picked foods which are the most nutritious!  What are some wonderful seasonal foods for Autumn you can find at your local farmers market or grocery store?  apples, artichokes, chard, chestnuts, collard greens, corn, green beans, kale, leeks, mushrooms, okra, pears, peas, pecans, persimmons, plums, pumpkin, radishes, Sweet potatoes, winter squash


Incorporate some warming herbs into your tea, herbal preparations

When it comes to herbs, Goddess Breath always has your back with the healing combinations.  Sugar ’n Spice is a fantastic fall remedy herbal blend, for sipping and smoking of course.  With rose petals, hibiscus, lavender, damiana, mullein, mint, chamomile, clove, and cardamom you are sure to settle into a cozy soundtrack, enjoy a delicious smoke or soak into something spicy.  If you’re more of a super-foodie, Materre Desert by Goddess Breath is a sure fire way to start your morning off sunny no matter what the weather.  Cinnamon, turmeric, cat's claw. licorice root, and slippery elm bark warm you from the inside out!  It makes for a delicious addition to coffees, smoothies, warm tonics and hot cocoa.   These herbs are beautiful seasonal warming plants that have supportive properties to see you through the season powerfully.  If you’re more of an essential oil kind of person, get your hands on high quality Thieves’ oil - it is a wonderful immune booster and when diffused, fills the house with literally the scents of the season.

Play with foliage + bring nature into your home

In times of old (before hobby lobby), celebrants of the seasons would adorn their homes with the libations of Earth!  They would decorate their mantles with foliage, hang freshly picked flowers and hang them from windows, weave fall wreaths and hang them on their doors, and sometimes, the very festive ones would even chop down an entire tree and put it in their house! Could you imagine?  So get creative, and don’t worry about Pinterest, let your intuition and the inner ancient folk within be your guides.  It doesn’t take much to scour your neighborhood for fallen leaves, wild flowers and berries (if you’re lucky).  Make a day of it and feel the coming chill surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful and changing creations. 



This is harvest time.  What a beautiful moment it is to take inquiry of the year.  Who really touched you, who was by your side when the going got rough, and oh my goddess, was it a freakin year.  Who did you feel maybe needed you more but you just didn’t have the time. Well, now is that time to pull all the stops and tell your community how much you love and appreciate them!  It’s not too late to begin making some heartfelt creations for friends, create some art to mail to a far off family member or treat your closest ones to a thoughtful treasure.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot to mean a lot, so shop local, shop small and remember, Jeff Bezos is already the richest man on Earth, why not share a little bit of your hard earned money with a creator in your area and spread the wealth this holiday season with a special gift bundle.  

With all our infinite love, we thank you for reading and enjoying these beautiful seasons we live in every year.  They are really gifts of the Earth.  She wants us to listen to their lessons and ground in the vibrations of the seasons.  

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