How Do You Go Night, Night?

What night time practices help you fall asleep?

Many of us go straight to bed without a wind down from the day, and we're not talking about winding down with a good show, we're suggesting a wind down from stimulants, technologies, and foods that may be impacting the rest we deserve. Our minds and our bodies deserve our attention and care, it's important to cleanse them before we drift off to sleep. 
If you’re having trouble sleeping, calming your body or quieting your thoughts before bedtime, this blend will tuck you in, put your mind at ease, and make for a deep and restful sleep.


4 herbs that make up this simple, yet effective blend.

Chamomile is a popular herb that is brewed into tea to help those who are looking to soothe themselves before bed.

Lavender is a calming flower essence that can be used as an essential oil to reduce stress and calm the mind.

Mullein is grown and widely used throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. It is an inflammation reducer, a muscle relaxer that helps rid the body of mucus, and is often used to treat respiratory ailments. It can also be effective for relieving migraines, headaches, gout and colitis. Even placing a sachet of our Night!Night! Blend under your pillow can help relieve those racing thoughts that keep you up.

Mugwort aids in grounding you, releasing the day, and brings peace to the body. Practitioners of Traditional Asian medicine use mugwort to induce relaxation in the body, strengthen the blood, and stimulate the flow of Qi through a technique known as moxibustion. Acupuncturists form mugwort into cones and place them along the meridians of the back. The cones are then burned over acupuncture points to release energy, soothe the nervous system, and bring the body into a relaxed state.


Mindful Practices for Creating a Good Night's Rest

If you don’t already have a Night Night routine… here are some suggestions: 

  • Do your best to not eat a heavy meal or drink stimulants or alcohol at least an hour before bed so that our bodies have an opportunity to digest
  • Remove any or all electronics from your sacred resting place to avoid distractions from you trying to rest. Set it on airplane mode and let it be. 
  • Try to induce a state of relaxation with a hot shower or bath
  • Brew yourself a cup of Night Night tea, bundle up in a robe or blanket, step outside to breathe in the nighttime air, and check out the moon and stars
  • Snuggle into bed with a good book, an audio meditation, or pre-recorded sound healing 
  • Breathe slowly, deeply, and allow your body to become oxygenated and relaxed
  • Lying on your back, take a personal inventory of your body starting with your feet and work your way up slowly to the top of your head. 
  • Wrap your arms around yourself, hug and hold yourself, tuck yourself in, and give yourself and good night night kiss

Pause the grind, hold the hustle. Try your best not to rush into any of these practices or trying to do them all at once. We can stress ourselves out when we place to much pressure on ourselves to perform, and when it comes to healthy habits, we need to give ourselves and our bodies time to adjust to them with baby steps over a period of time. So don't worry if you're still having trouble, give yourself time to integrate some of these practices, and be gentle with yourself. 


“A dream is a wish that your heart makes”

-Lilly James

Sleep allows our bodies to heal from the day while also giving our brains a chance to process information. If you wanna be at the top of your game when you’re awake, it is key to get a good night’s sleep. And if you’re having trouble falling asleep, turn to some of these healthy sleep practices and medicinal herbs to help you get the sleep you deserve.



If you're having trouble getting to and staying asleep, let Night Night bring you ease.

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