Meet the Creatresses

Sasha Zeilig - Herbal mixologist, Fiery Raw Power and Intuitive Innocence
I used to smoke habitually until one day I was in my best friend’s herb garden and something awakened in me… an ancient remembering… an ear for hearing the language of plants.

I started adding lavender and mint that she grew to my smokes. Every time I shared my blends with friends, they would tell me how much they enjoyed the flavorful combinations and euphoric feeling. 

The inspiration to expand into a grander collaboration with more impact grew from a desire to bring people together in community.



Mikaela Valentino - Content curation, Earthy Mama and Designer


Growing up, my mom healed me with the same herbal teas and nutritious foods made with love that her grandmother made for her.  On beautiful farmlands in Italy, she acquired a great deal of knowledge about the medicines of the earth.   

Through that lineage, she passed down to me a tradition of herbal wisdom that encourages me to blend my own teas, yoni steams, and now, sacred smokeables.

Our collaboration intends to command the trajectory of the world to meet us where the Sacred meets the Everyday. Where magic meets the mundane. And where we find ancient ritual when taking in each breath.


Made in Love, 

Goddess Breath

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