The Future of Herbal "Cigarettes" and Drinking Blends

How did we get so lost?
Big tobacco lied to a trusting public and has gotten away with injecting poisonous chemicals into the lungs of generations all over the world.  Many are hooked and dependent on nicotine - and it’s time to take our sovereignty back. 

With this product line, we fight for transparency in what we breathe.

Herbs for smoking -- Is it anything new?
In traditional cultures, communities gathered in ritual to celebrate, learn and grow.  In the modern age, these practices have long been forgotten and people everywhere are more isolated and disconnected than ever. 

In the current health regime, there is no regulation, no validation and therefore no funding given to researchers interested in the healing properties of plants, healing properties that have been well known for millennia. The way we see it, pressuring health regulators to take a look at the implications of smoking plants is an important step towards taking back an accessible path to health.  

What can be done to restore this ancient practice?
Goddess Breath aims to put the sacredness back into togetherness by gathering people in the present moment to share in the ceremony of tea and smoke.
Our blends are delicious and gently satisfy the desire to smoke and drink herbs for their health benefits.  In addition to these products, the way we offer Goddess Breath is novel too!

In our humble beginnings, we created experiential pop-up tea and smoke lounges to add value and vibes to any event and allow guests to connect with herbs and one another.
In this day and age, everything that can bring us together is a gift to be valued.  
What's next for herbal "cigarette" and drinking blends?
With the days more uncertain and as strange as ever, more research is being called for.  When it comes to herbal smoke blends, we want to call in scientists, independent laboratories and herbalists to weigh in on this new shift from big tobacco into medicinal herbs for smoking.

Made in Love,
Goddess Breath

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