Tranquility Is A Human Right

Accessing Tranquility

Sometimes we need to keep it simple, like our Calming Herbal Blend. We combine three classic ingredients known to soothe anxiety, worry, and hyperactivity. There are a plethora of herbs that are here to guide us toward healing, all we have to do is get curious about our emotional and physical bodies to understand the depths of our needs. There are no quick fixes in life, especially in nature. When we work with herbs we are choosing to work slowly as mother nature does not rush, and yet everything is still accomplished. Listening to what our bodies need can help us tune into the healing we require. Mother nature provides for us every day. And though some plants may be hard to reach for some, we’ve chosen some very accessible herbs that can support your overall health and wellness.

Calming Comes in Threes

Damiana, Lavender and Chamomile are easily accessible herbs that are light and work slowly to provide you with the aid you seek.

Chamomile is a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant. It has the ability to cure and prevent a multitude of ailments from gastrointestinal issues to insomnia, depression, and bacterial infections. You can use it as a topical or ingest it as a tea. There are a variety of ways that chamomile can be used to ease your body, mind, and spirit of the strain we encounter in our everyday lives. Read more about the healthcare preparations and traditional uses of chamomile here

Lavender is another familiar and easily accessible herb that we use in many of our blends. It’s essence whispers, “It’s all going to be okay,” like a trusted dear friend who listens to our needs.

As you well know, Damiana is another herb we love to use in other blends like Aphrodisiac. Known to provide aid in sexual health among men and women, Damiana has also been prescribed as an antidepressant and cleansing agent of the gastrointestinal tract by breaking down fats and sugars in the body. Its stimulating and restorative properties can help with providing aid for moderate depression as well. If you’re curious, you can learn more about the history of Damiana here


We have a loyal client in LA whose favorite blend is calming… he is an actor and before going on each audition, he smokes a calming blend to neutralize his nerves. He said he used to smoke cannabis to nullify his almost paralyzing stage fright, but then he felt even more anxious trying to hide his highness, which only worsened the situation. After he found our Calming blend, he never looked back and has been nailing auditions ever since!

We have a fan of this blend who is a self-diagnosed “overthinking worrywort.” When her brain gets going, her wheels start turning, and she just can’t seem to get out of her head, she makes herself a cup of Calming. By a few sips in, she can breathe again, and by the end of the cup she claims to feel calm, centered, clear and able to be in the present moment.

Another customer we met at a festival reported feeling “all riled up.” I need to chill,” she says. We hand her a jar of loose leaf Calming and she inhales its aroma deeply - the breath of the Goddess - and her whole demeanor shifts. Her vibration returns to her natural rhythmic baseline. As a look of ease washes over her face, she exhales slowly, sighing out. Her body begins to regulate with its own deep breathing. And she settles into our tea lounge, saying, “Yes! That one!”

This tea soothes the soul, cools the chatter, and moves the mood from frantic and fearful to tranquil and peaceful.

Are you excited to add Calming to your daily regimen? 

Enjoy our Calming Loose Leaf Blend

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