Grounding Back Into The Earth

Grounding with Herbs When Anxiety Strikes

If you’ve ever had anxiety or been jonesing for a smoke… you’ll recognize the feeling of jittery hype in your body when you’re wishing for your bestie to comfort and soothe you, ground you to yourself and the earth.

When you might be seeking to ease your breathing, calm your racing thoughts and feel nervous energy coursing through your body. This blend is that friend.

Delicious as a tea and spicy as a rollie, this blend is designed to calm your nervous system, ground your energy, and release tension and worry from your heart and mind.


Herbs You Can Use for Grounding

Damiana grounds you to the earth bringing in the peaceful, powerful energy of mother nature from your feet to your heart. 

Lavender is our loving confidant, the one who listens, eases us of our tension, and relaxes us so we may receive nurturing.

Uva Ursi, is an evergreen shrub that serves as a natural diuretic. The Lenape people of the Algonquin tribe used the dried leaves for a ceremonial smoking blend they referred to as Kinnikinnick, meaning “mixture”; along with other herbs that aided immunity, the urinary tract, and headaches. Learn more about kinnikinnick

As a smoke or a tea, Uva Ursi will help expel excess water from your body and salt from the kidneys. As you ground yourself, allow the feeling of relief to wash through your system, and release any excess tension held within. 

White Sage, long referred to by Indigenous people as “nature’s soap,” clears worry and stress from the brain and 3rd eye chakra, helping you to see clearly through whatever circumstances you are going through. Sage reminds us to be intentional with our consumption, energy, and explorations. Remember to set intentions as you ground with every breath in and out. 

Clove contains a naturally occurring anesthetic called Eugenol which has long been used in traditional medicine to numb tooth aches, promote liver function, and regulate blood sugar. Full of antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties, clove will help the body fight free radicals that cause damage to cells and disease, while also relieving stress. If you’d like to learn more, here is a list of clove health benefits

Come Get Grounded

This is one of our favorite breakfast or dessert teas… it pairs well with coffee cake or a rich, sweet, after-dinner treat. Or, simply add honey and your favorite milk for a sweet and creamy delight all on its own.

Enjoy this friendly delight while journaling your thoughts, going for a walk and breathing in fresh air, or in a moment of meditative self reflection.


Know it will be okay and you’re alright. Grounding from Goddess Breath Blends has got you.

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