Call in Transcendent Dreams with Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreams...Languid conversations...

Philosophical nebuli...Subconscious stimulation...

Whether you're turning a normal nap into an afternoon delight or trying to remember your dreams, we invite you to levitate as you drift off to dreamland, or even astral travel! With this blend you will be transported into the ether through realms and beyond!

This blend was born out of a core intention to help us weave our dreams consciously and call them in to our full reality systems.  We are worthy of living our dream lives and what better way than by dreaming them awake?! 


What is Lucid Dreaming?

“A lucid dream is defined as a dream during which dreamers, while dreaming, are aware they are dreaming,” specialists explain here.

According to Healthline, lucid dreaming occurs during REM sleep when our brains are extremely active. Accessing this state consciously takes practice and can be done when we institute a healthy bedtime regimen.

Learn more about mindful practices and how to get a good night’s rest.

When we are able to fall into REM sleep more often, we are more restored and are able to implement lucid dreaming techniques so that we may access those realms consciously! For example, if you struggle to remember your dreams keep a dream journal by your nightstand and write down what you remember upon waking. Be as specific as possible with whatever you see, feel, and experience in the dream. This will help you remember your dreams more often.

Read the study on Lucid Dreaming 

Lucid Dreaming in Action

Giving credit where credit is due, this blend was created by a most magical human and an original partner in the business, Mana Shams, who potioned this perfectly balanced blend at Mikaela's housewarming party and our very first Goddess Breath lounge.

Every time I make this blend I channel her peaceful, transcendent energy; bringing me into a high vibe; stirring in the frequency of fluidity, and allowing the herbs to be the vessel of wisdom from the great beyond.

One of my favorite stories of watching this blend in action was in our comfy, pillow-filled tea lounge a couple of years ago at Disclosure Fest in LA. Two Queens came into our tent. They were both healers and good friends who had led healing workshops earlier in the day and were ready to unwind. After sharing a few puffs of a Lucid Dreaming rollie, they turned to one another, looking deeply into each other’s eyes and fell into a profound philosophical discussion. I watched the world around them disappear as they connected intently with each other. By the end of the roll, they had laid down in our pillow palace close to dreaming as they spoke. About 20 minutes passed and they both sat up. “What happened?” they asked. “Lucid Dreaming happened,” I replied.

And we all laughed because they now knew the truth of that statement.

Choose this Blend When:

  • You are at a festival and don’t feel like indulging in MaryJane.

  • You want to have deep philosophical debates with your friends.

  • Before a nap or meditation

  • You feel like getting dreamy, relaxed, and at ease while awake

  • You are pensive and want to go deeper into yourself

Herbs that Work Their Magic

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a staple herb in any witch’s kitchen. It has long been used as a tea and tonic to help regulate stress, sleep, digestion, menstruation and more. Found in poems, Chinese Medicine, and on most continents, this so-called “weed” is a survivor and a giver!  Learn more about Mugwort, its benefits, and potential contraindications here and here

Damiana grounds this magical potion to the Earth. 

Mugwort reveals the illuminations

Chamomile soothes and relaxes the body, heart and mind.

Lavender lovingly holds it all together. 
This simple combination is palpable and powerful, sending ingesters into a sweet state, blissfully unaware of any stress of mundane life. 3D turns to 5D. The mind relaxes so the soul’s truth can be revealed.


We hope you enjoy the peaceful, levitating magic of this spellbound Lucid Dreaming blend!

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